Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the Lehrkind Mansion allows guests to enjoy the comfortable ambiance of Montana's Victorian past. Built in 1897, the Lehrkind offers one of the state's finest examples of Queen Anne-style architecture. Gables, overhangs, bays and a large corner tower are among the Mansion's spectacular features. Relax in overstuffed chairs bathed in the light of large windows topped with leaded and stained glass. Immerse yourself among unique period antiques, original woodwork, oriental carpets, and the diverse indoor garden of palms, ferns and flowers.

As the turn of the 19th century grew near, German-born master-brewer Julius Lehrkind, owner of Bozeman Lager Beer, began construction on a magnificent house beside his sizeable new brewery. To bless the house in true form, each brick was soaked or "cured" in large vats of beer before being set - making it\ truly "the house that beer built". Ever since, the Mansion has been the anchor of Bozeman's Historic Brewery District and an intrigue to many. It is today one of Bozeman's most beloved homes and one of the most representative classic Queen Anne Victorians in Montana. Its neighborhood represents Montana's working past - where homes and industry were often neighbors. The Lehrkind Mansion sits nestled among other notable structures, such as the historic Bozeman Brewery, grain elevator, bottleworks, train depot and other homes; presently a reviving eclectic historic corner of Bozeman's 19th century roots.